Tulsa Massacre Solemn Candlelight Ceremony

May 31, 2021

Tulsa Massacre Solemn Candlelight Ceremony


All Day


Various Locations / Miller Park



“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”-- We will start the day with 6-8 students between the ages of 10 -13 dressed as 1920’s newsies. Standing on various corners in downtown Chattanooga, students will use the vernacular of the day (1921) to get the attention of pedestrians to hand them an educational newspaper. Inside the paper will be pictures and information about several historical events and locations including Black Wall Street, Ed Johnson, Juneteenth, The Big Nine (MLK in Chattanooga) and the businesses that lined that street. In addition, the paper will have a page dedicated to Community Partners, volunteers and local vendors.

At 5:00 we will host, in the Waterhouse Pavilion the inaugural, Inviting Their Voices: A Youth Townhall on Racism. Afterwards we will gather on the lawn of Miller Park at 6:21 PM to commemorate the centennial with a display of 300 red flags in effigy of those lives lost and bloodshed during the three-day assault on the Greenwood community.

Come hear keynote speaker Lakweshia Ewing and others. With music from Kofi Mawuko, The Devine 9 Choir, and more. Featured spoken word artists and dancers create a solemn yet celebratory evening. Together we will be creating a Wall of Remembrance where attendees can write the names of their deceased loved ones. We will end the ceremony with the utterance of names, the lighting of candles and a prayer for unity.

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