Panel Discussion/Wellness through the Arts

June 18, 2022

Panel Discussion/Wellness through the Arts


12 PM Noon


The Chattanooga Public Library, 1001 Broad Street



Recently, the arts movement in our community has truly shown itself as a healer and sustainer of people as we have wrapped and immersed ourselves in music, dance, visual arts, theatre, literature and poetry.

Join us as artists and mental health professionals come together to discuss the connection between the arts and mental wellness. We would be honored if you would be willing to serve on the panel speaking from your position as a medical professional/artist in the Chattanooga Black community. 

The panel discussion will be led by Lakweshia Ewing and panelists include:

  • Spoken word artist & Activist, Obbie West
  • Creative Strategist & Poet, Erika Roberts
  • Therapist, April Taylor (tentative)
  •  Music Therapist student Alexandria Rodriguez 
  • Art Administrator, James McKissic (tentative)

Come witness and become part of this conversation! Learn about community resources that are available and must-attend events to add to your calendar.

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