2nd Annual Juneteenth Freedom Run & Walk

June 17, 2023

2nd Annual Juneteenth Freedom Run & Walk


Half Marathon Run begins at 8:00AM, Walk begins 9:00AM


Hubert Fry Center - 4301 Amnicola Highway


Lindsay Bisset said it best, “Freedom is a journey we take together as a country, and this race is a reminder of our commitment together”.  Juneteenth is a holiday for all Americans and this run is a great way to show our unity. 

Opal Lee was called the "grandmother of the movement" to make Juneteenth a federal holiday by Biden, who at one point left the stage and walked over to the 94-year-old to speak with her directly. In 2016, at 89 years old, Lee, a former teacher, and lifelong activist, walked from her home in Fort Worth, Texas, to the nation's capital in an effort to get Juneteenth named a national holiday.

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